Big Changes for 2016

Have you driven by the garden lately? If so, you have seen that all our perennials, bricks and beds have been moved to the front of the garden lots. This is in anticipation of November 1, when our landlord, Wake Forest Baptist Health, has scheduled demolition of the house and other structures.

The good news: We will have a blank slate! Plenty of room for even more garden plots, as well as areas to plant fruit trees and hold activities.

The challenge: We’ll have a seeded, graded lot—but that’s all! We’ll need storage space for tools, tables, lawnmowers, and everything we use to conduct garden and social activities.

How you can help: We are initiating a crowd funding campaign at Crowdrise to raise $4000. This money will be used to purchase two 8’x10’ storage sheds to secure our gardening equipment and the tables and chairs used for our socials; a smaller shed for our lawn care equipment; lumber to build new beds; and a load or two of topsoil to fill the beds.

What is the timetable? Our crowdfunding campaign is live NOW! Our goal is to raise the funds by December 10, so we can order the buildings, and install them in January. We’ll be announcing workdays for early 2017, so we have beds ready for planting in March.

Please make your tax deductible contribution now!