2015 Annual Report

“To educate and enrich the community through hands-on gardening.”
– Mission of Sustainable+Ardmore

Sustainable Ardmore 2015 Annual Report


Sustainable Ardmore Annual Report 2015

In 2015 we shared our site with 25 gardeners who rented the raised beds on-site. Whether they grew broccoli, carrots, melons, or an entire plot of tomatoes alone, they brought with them a wide array of growing experience and knowledge, and inventive growing methods – we saw everything from trellises, row covers, companion planting and potatoes grown in baskets.


Over the growing season, our 110 volunteers devoted a few hours of their Saturdays to keeping our space beautiful and productive. In August, two groups from the Wake Forest School of Medicine Class of 2018 joined us to build two new communal beds. Crosby scholars bees construction food pantry harvests On average, the garden provided 22lb of produce to the local church food pantry with the help of Wednesday harvest volunteers.

Sustainable Ardmore Annual Report 2015

Little Free Library

Season-long dream culmination Alex Toledo and Derek distinguished by space for oversized books on the west facing side Registered with Little Free Library organization by Julie James who sponsored our fees to be included on their national map. They had a dream and brought it to life, to the benefit of all who happen to visit or pass by.

Beekeeping Host Site

Local beekeeper Chad Downard approached us about hosting some of his bee hives for the 2015 growing season. We were able to find a home for them out of main garden area but close enough to our plants for a beneficial relationship to flourish. The bees have been an invaluable addition to our garden, especially our vegetable plants.

Memorial Arbor

The arbor for the garden began when we lost one of our founding members, Kevin Brown. Old and new AGG friends and family sought to honor him and his devotion to creating the Ardmore Gateway Garden space for the community with a long lasting tribute within the garden itself. With an enormous outpouring of love and support from the community, we were able to begin work installing the arbor as a memorial to honor him in November before our season came to an end. Kara Clark created plans for a structure that would endure, and a small construction volunteer group led by Dominic Mayhew broke ground and got us started. The structure will be finished by 2016.

Financial Information

Operations Support & Program Revenue Total Revenue: $6897.57

Sustainable Ardmore Annual Report 2015

Garden Operations Expenditures Total Expenses: $4754.16

Sustainable Ardmore Annual Report 2015

Thank you

Board of Directors
Tyler Davis Sparks, Megan Johnston, Lisa Northrop, Sara Quandt, Alexandria Toledo, Dianne Blancato, Amy Mohan, Kendyl Trevena, Bill Blancato, Jessica Sedo

Sponsors, Members, and Volunteers
Tim Bell & Wake Forest Baptist, The Ronald McDonald House of Winston Salem, Wake Forest School of Medicine Class of 2018, Doughton Rich Blancato LLC, Flying Fish Chapbooks, 123 Cuisine, Ardmore Realty, Patti Sturdy, Realtor, Andrea & Matt, Artisan Tile and Painting, Camel City Grill, Nicole Handy, Robin’s Egg Realty, Sterling Hart, ND, Temple Emanuel, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Dovetail Woodwork,
2nd & 4th Saturday AGG workday volunteers, Robert Newman, Dorothy Hurt, Pat Sisson, Michael Paul Barry, Andrew Larowe, Madison Hinshaw, Bill Tribby, Elizabeth Martin, Rachael Duane, Anne Stupka, Thomas Arcury & Sara Quandt

Paul Windley, Priscilla Ivester, Kim Fleming, Tom Dalrymple, Lauren Young, Megan Peters, Bridget Deeney, Jennifer Compere, Susan & Nick Jacobucci, Anne Stupka, Taryn Leverton, Tom Arcury, Amber LeComte, Tyler Sparks, Jennie Schwartz, Dominic Mayhew, Monica Hall, Emily Halsey & Lance Shields