Annual Report 2016

In 2016 twenty nine of our raised garden beds were rented. Families, co-workers, roommates, friends, and individual gardeners filled them with a wide variety of herbs, vegetables, flowers, and even strawberries (grown in an innovative design seen in the middle right photo above)! The 2016 growing season was foreshortened due to news from the property owners that the current buildings on site would be demolished sometime at the end of the year – but our group of new and returning gardeners supported us and held fast while we faced massive changes to our space.


Ardmore Gateway Garden 2016 Gardeners

Raised Bed Building Workshop

Ardmore Gateway Garden Raised Bed Building Workshop Spring 2017
Before our season formally began, the garden held a small raised bed construction workshop. Participants helped us add six new beds and learned how to both create the bed frames themselves as well as how to fill them in the layered gardening technique we use to build soil at AGG.

Developing a Plan for the Future

Ardmore Gateway Garden rebuilding plan
Starting in late spring, workday volunteers constructed a new garden bed along the front of the property to accompany our new arbor and create an edible garden. This design would be the first step towards creating a new garden space that would take shape after the demolition of the house and other buildings crumbling on-site. With the help of local architect Kara Clark, input from our community, and a wish list of features by the garden’s board, new options for our soon-to-be expanded garden space were presented to our friends and neighbors in October as we closed early for the season.

Financial Information

Ardmore Gateway Garden had total revenue of $3761.32
Ardmore Gateway Garden had total operations costs of $2316.56

Thank you

Board of Directors
Megan Johnston, Lisa Northrop, Sara Quandt, Alexandria Toledo, Tom Arcury, Dianne Blancato, Amy Mohan, Kendyl Trevena, Bill Blancato

Sponsors, Donors, and Volunteers
Tim Bell & Wake Forest Baptist, The Ronald McDonald House of Winston Salem, Wake Forest School of Medicine Class of 2019, Doughton Rich Blancato LLC, Temple Emanuel, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Dovetail Woodwork, Ardmore Neighborhood Association, Kara Clark, Chad Downard, Julie James, Gary Heatwole, 2nd & 4th Saturday AGG workday volunteers, Ron Jones, Sara Quandt and Tom Arcury, Woodie and Doug A., Elizabeth Martin, Debra, John Powell, Gayle Tuch, Rabbi Mark Cohn, Bill Tribby, Julie & Artie, Molly Starback, Sarah Wishon, Lee and Joey H., Pat S., Dominic & Sivri Mayhew, Joan & Eddie B., R. Bass, Nora Pencola, Sarah Bass, Ellen B, Elizabeth Bostic, Bill Blancato, Tom Arcury & Sara Quandt, Erica Hill, Amy M., Corinne Haywood, Megan J., Lisa Northrop

Paul Windley, Priscilla Ivester, Kim Fleming, Tom Dalrymple, Elizabeth Osborne, Emily Halsey & Lance Shields, Lisa McCorkle, Cassie Sands, Keith and Maggie Dodd, Betsy Rosenthal, Jennifer Huling, Tom Arcury & Sara Quandt, Taryn Leverton, Andrea Williams, Kendyl Trevena, Brian McElhinney, Stacy Metscher-Hall, Amy Mohan, Lisa Northrop, Danielle Reid, Lisa Englander, Paul Smith, Jessica Tefft, John Powell, Phil Smith, and Jennie Schwartz